Survey: Projector Freeze

Recently in a thread on the AV-1 forum, many members indicated that they had encountered difficulties with projectors locking up. In these cases ‘locking up” was defined as the projector not responding to any commands, either via RS-232, IP or IR. We wondered if it might be possible for AV-1 to assist in some way.

We thought that if our community could identify specific products, or a combination of products that are experiencing these issues, perhaps as a community (of 600+ IT/AV people) we could approach the manufacturers and explain the problems and see if they could develop a solution. Please take a moment to complete our projector/control system malfunction survey.

 Scott Tiner

Bates College

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About Scott Tiner, CTS

As a trained educator, Scott has worked in AV and IT for public K-12, private K-12 and higher education institutions for fifteen years. As Bates College's Assistant Director for Digital Media, Classroom Technology & Event Support, Scott designs learning spaces and provides support and instruction for their multimedia studio. Scott is passionate about collaborating with faculty on innovative ways to use technology in teaching and learning. Scott is a regular contributor and Chief Surveyologist at AV-1. He has presented at both regional and national conferences. He served as the 2011-2012 Chair of the Technology Managers Council of InfoCOMM. LinkedIn Twitter