Survey: Analog-to-Digital Transition

Recent discussions regarding the transition from analog to digital video transport suggest that many feel that they have little control over this technological sea-change.

In an ideal world, we might leap at the chance to dig into new technologies that promise breathtaking video resolution with minimal tweaking, however transitioning also brings the potential to disrupt and/or bankrupt services at a time when few operations have capacity to spare for a major overhaul of RGB-based analog video systems.

Please take a moment to respond to the following eight questions so that we may will put a finer point on the “state of digital” — particularly as we approach summer upgrade season.

The Big Picture…

This survey departs from previous anonymous surveys by asking for your email address. We ask this in preparation for AV-1’s upcoming budget survey series in which we hope to gain a better understanding of prevailing budget and lifecycle practices. An undertaking of this magnitude will take more than six or eight questions, so rather than try your patience, we have devised a plan for a series of short-but-sweet surveys on key operational areas. We hope to use your email address as an internal “key field” to re-assemble your responses across multiple surveys so that we can begin to map data to institutional demographics (i.e. Midwest private liberal arts college with 10,000 enrolled). As always, your survey responses will remain anonymous.

Scott Tiner

Bates College

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About Scott Tiner, CTS

As a trained educator, Scott has worked in AV and IT for public K-12, private K-12 and higher education institutions for fifteen years. As Bates College's Assistant Director for Digital Media, Classroom Technology & Event Support, Scott designs learning spaces and provides support and instruction for their multimedia studio. Scott is passionate about collaborating with faculty on innovative ways to use technology in teaching and learning. Scott is a regular contributor and Chief Surveyologist at AV-1. He has presented at both regional and national conferences. He served as the 2011-2012 Chair of the Technology Managers Council of InfoCOMM. LinkedIn Twitter